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TQA Weekly Show Notes

Why Do All Apps and Websites Look Similar?
How the graphic user interface changed application and web development

Learn about fundamental graphic user interface design principles that make all websites and applications easier to use for everyone, from your toddlers to seniors and everyone in between.

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Are Encrypted Passwords Safe?
Password Security Methods Explained

Learn about account and password security methods.

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Use More PCIe Lanes Than a Processor Supports?
Assigning PCIe Lanes From CPU and Mainboard

Learn about the PLX and PCH chip and how they assign PCIe Lanes

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Does Thermal Paste Affecting Gaming?
How Thermal Paste Solves Heat Transfer Issues

Learn why thermal paste is important to your next gaming session.

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What Can Happen If You Remove The CMOS Battery?
Do Not Remove Your CMOS Battery

Learn why the CMOS battery is so important to your computer.

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