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TQA Weekly Show Notes

Why do Bluetooth Devices Have Problems in Crowded Areas?
How Bluetooth Has The Same Issues as CD Players

Learn how Bluetooth signal issues may have similar resolution to CD Players back in the day.

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Can A Virus Hack Your Online Accounts?
Scan and Update Your Devices for Malware and Viruses

Learn how Malware and Viruses can access your accounts online

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What Happens After A File is Deleted?
Deleted Files Are Like Private Numbers

Learn what happens after a file is deleted and why you need to recover it immediately.

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Do Virtual Memory Issues Affect Graphics Cards?
Graphics Cards Use RAM, Not Virtual Memory

Learn why Applications Blaming Virtual Memory For Graphics Cards Issues are likely incorrect

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Why Does A Nearly Full Phone Battery Just Die?
Every Battery Will Fail

Learn why this scenario is not unique, but inevitable for everyone, one day!

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