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TQA Weekly Show Notes

Users Make The Operating System More Dangerous!
Operating Systems Traditionally Safe Targeted By Malicious Groups

Learn why the security of a user depends on more than a safer platform

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Canada in Danger of Becoming a Dystopian Country!
Canada is Trying to Break End-to-End Encryption

Canada understands that encryption is necessary and still wants to backdoor it, learn how this makes Canada yet another Dystopian country.

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Why Do You Need To Log Back In?
Learn why sessions expire and the thought the process

Learn about what is considered in determining length of your account session.

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How-To Download Videos From Reddit
Easy, Bot Free, Video Downloads From Reddit

Learn about a website that can downloads from Reddit, complete with audio, at no cost.

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Are Water Damaged Devices Repairable?
The complicated reality of water damaged circuits

Learn why repairing water damaged circuits may be possible but why it is not practical.

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