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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 7

Tips and tricks for your Steam Games and Applications

Steve Smith explains 5 tips and tricks you can use with your Steam Client, and adds a bonus tip for your Steam Games.

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Don't Blame Your Computer Technician
5 Reasons the User Might Be at Fault

Steve Smith talks about 5 reasons why you should not blame a computer technician for problems your computer is experiencing.

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Learning from Ethereum Thefts
Take Back Ultimate Control of your Ethereum Coins

Steve Smith explains how-to mitigate the risks of losing your personal Ethereum fortune to hackers hacking online Ethereum Coin Exchanges.

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5 Tech Questions Asked by You
Questions Members of the Audience Needed Answering

Steve Smith responds to 5 questions from the community about secure boot, damaged CPUs, thermal grease, PCIe lanes, GPUs and graphics cards.

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5 My Computer Google Searches
Common Computer Issued Searched on Google

Steve Smith talks about 5 common computer issues people search for on Google.

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