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Privacy Policy

In regards to this privacy policy, for TQA Weekly, we must consider the following, the web-site has visitors, members, moderators, and administrators. For this reason, this privacy policy will have section dedicated to all users, and some parts only affect specific classes of users.

From now on, we, refers to TQA Weekly. This web-site does use tracking cookies for the purpose of monetization, social networking, content usage tracking, etc… We use the Google AdSense platform for monetization, the Addthis.com Platform is used for social networking, we use google analytics for traffic and usage analysis, Podtrac.com for subscribership analysis, and several other services provided by Google for search tools, etc… We, also, use social tools from Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc…

Furthermore, members and visitors, from now on referred to as you, may, also, notice a long list of other social networks from time to time, also, using third party cookies, and this is due to the Addthis.com social networking platform, and how it operates. For more information, please refer to their own privacy policy.

We, use your information, from the tracking cookies, and social networking information to determine which kinds of content our overall user base may prefer to continue generating content more aligned with your overall interests, as it pertains to our line of entertainment and education.

Affecting members, moderators, and administrators only, if you are registered to use our web-site, we have collected a username, your first and last name, email address, a password, a secret question and secret answer. Your username is your public face on this web-site, and there is not going to be encrypted. Your first and last name, including your e-mail address are considered by us as public accessible information that you have already provided to other web-sites, and therefore we do not encrypt those pieces of information. Your password and secret answer are the only details that have been encrypted via a one directional SHA-512 hashing algorithm, with a random salt applied to the process to make it harder to reproduce. Furthermore, your password is protected by a process that creates a new hash result with a new random salt every single time you log into the web-site. This helps protect our password database, as well as, allow us to determine if our database has been compromised, as well as when, if it ever occurs.

Short of blocking all the third party content, cookies, and scripts yourself, we do not, and will not provide services, tools, or options to block all these third party trackers, tools, video players, etc… These tools allow us to better monetize and track users to allow us to make a better show, while helping fund our show. If you wish to block all third party content, cookies, scripts, etc… you may do so with programs dedicated to that task, as long as it complies with our Terms of Service.

Please note, blocking all cookies, and not just third party cookies, will make it impossible to register and login.

Furthermore, all information collected by third parties are controlled by their Terms of Service, and Privacy Policies. We do not have access to all the data, nor can we purge any data from those databases. As for our own data collected, we will not delete any information collected, even with a user request, but rest assured that our own information, is not shared with any third parties, as of yet. We, also, reserve the right to change this, and any other part of this privacy policy, without accord, or prior notice, for any reason we deem necessary or valid.