About TQA Weekly

Description of TQA Weekly

Hosted by Steve Smith (Zed Axis), Technology Questions Answered Weekly is dedicated to those who wish to learn about new electronics that they have bought, or will buy soon. We will explaining in each episode new ways of doing things like protecting your identity online, file backup and storage, encryption, using email wisely, and each show we will be giving you new tools to do so.

The TQA Weekly Mission Statement

Technology Questions Answered, also named TQA Weekly, has one mission in its whole of existence, educate all users of solutions to common and not so common technological issues and problems. We wish to raise awareness of unsafe practices, explain how to fix your own devices, demonstrate the vast choice of operating systems you may use, etc...

What led to the creation of TQA Weekly?

I, Steve Smith, actually go into homes and offices to fix, maintain and build computers, server systems, networks, etc... I deal with technology and all its problems. It is not my only career, I also work in a service station. The content of my shows, and the problems I solve all come from this. Everyday, I have someone asking me important technological questions, and I make it a point to answer the question. It is because of my background, and the demand for such a location to find the answers, that I do this show.

Do you have any future plans for the show?

In short, yes. I have plans on making the show look more like those of television, while remaining true to my topics. I am currently developing designs for my new portable set, that will allow me to do my show anywhere. I am also in the process of changing all the recording gear I use. I will be opting for a HD Camera, and HQ Microphones to do my show. I also have started getting consultation of things such as the new screens I will include in the videos.

How is TQA Weekly published online every Sunday?

Creating a podcast is not as easy as everyone might believe. There is a significant difference between makinga video for Youtube, and publishing using RSS feeds. We do publish to Youtube and Blip.tv, links in the menus above. However, for those who watch our show on other web-sites, in iTunes, feedburner, etc... we use an enhanced Podtrac.com feed that enables accurate counting of subscribers and downloads. We use a single rss feed for all our syndicated shows all over the internet, and you can download any episodes for iTunes or view it in our video channels.

Who made the music for the show?

Introduction and Outroduction music composed by Jonny Lee Hart. To reach Jonny Lee Hart, please visit http://www.facebook.com/jonnyleehart.