Support TQA Weekly By

If you are on this page, it is because you might be interested in finding ways to support TQA Weekly. There are a number of ways you can choose to support us, and some won't even cost you a dime, just a few seconds of work.

Disabling Adblock

It may come as a shock, but advertisements while intrusive, and creepy, do have a benefit to the web-sites using them. I don't make much at all from advertisements, but the fewer people who block advertisements on my site, the more I stand to gain.

Installing Honey for Chrome Browser

If you routinely purchase items online, and use the Google Chrome browser, installing Honey will definitely help you save money, and we get a bonus for each referral who uses Honey, too.

Get Honey for Google Chrome!

Joining our YouTube Channel

You might be subscribed, but did you know you can now join, too? The benefits of joining include access to a monthly member only live stream. Wondering when it will be held? I will be holding a poll in our member only community tab. We will talk about the next month of shows, help you with your technology problems, and take in some suggestions. You will, also, have access to a member only discord chat which will be posted in the same member only community tab, too.

Join Youtube Channel

Donating with PayPal

You can, of course, donate via PayPal if you wish to make a one-time contribution, or want to be able to make a smaller, or larger contribution. The best part is that you can definitely contribute from a greater number of countries, and as many times as you wish.

Buying Us Something from our Amazon Wishlist

Everyone likes receiving gifts, and sometimes I can't immediately purchase everything I want to make this show better. This is my Amazon wishlist and everything I put onto this list is something I believe will make my show better in one way, or another. Also, this is a good place to start if you want to get me anything for my birthday! Wishlist

Buying From our Online Store

You may have noticed a link to our online store, this is a great way of supporting the show, and getting something in return. Whilst, many of the other ways only benefit you in a good feeling kind of manner, getting a shirt or phone case, also, helps you stay warm and keeps your favourite device protected.