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I started publishing TQA Weekly on September 19, 2010, to help novices and advanced users with many of the issues that plaque modern computer and gadget technology. I've helped a multitude of subscribers and viewers of the last 5 years with many issues concerning Windows, Linux, Mac, Cellphones, Tablets, Privacy issues, driver issues, graphic cards, processors, motherboards, etc.

I, however, want to be able to bring up the quality of my show by getting new cameras, lights, microphones, green screens, etc. to not just have a better quality video, but to make my show more visually appealing when it comes to demonstrating technology and the solutions to many of its issues.

The reason you should pledge to help my show is easy to explain. I have always worked at bringing up the people in society who wanted help, and this show helps me fulfill my project, to help those who want to learn about technology and the surround issues so that they may be able to do the same, as well. If you agree with me, and the idea that we should provide the public with the help it needs, when it's asking to learn, please help out my show, and allow me to upgrade the quality of my show.

Thank you for anything you provide. And, if you have any questions, comments, even suggestions, please do not be afraid to contact me. Whether for this crowd sourcing project, or technology itself.

Become a Patron and support my show.

Wishlist (Amazon.ca)

Running a technology show, and staying ahead of the game is expensive for a single employee show, who offers all of his content pracitically free. It is now possible to buy the hardware I need to continue making the show better and better. Feel free to browse the wishlist, and if you find anything within your budget you'd like to gift us, we will do an unboxing on the show thanking you by name. You may, also, use the other methods of supporting the show below.

Steve Smith (TQA Weekly / ALT 123) Wish List

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You can provide TQA Weekly with a one time contriubution to help support me, and aid myself in making the show better by going to my PayPal Me page.


Interac E-Transfer

If you are Canadian, and are a client of RBC, TD Canada, Scotiabank, BMO, National Bank, or Desjardins, you may, also, send me an interac email transfer, the details for the transfer are available below.

  • E-mail for E-Transfer : ask@tqaweekly.com
  • Question : What show is this for?
  • Answer : TQA Weekly

I offer my greatest thanks in advance, thank you for subscribing, and much more for thinking of helping me out.