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The Security Theatre of Repeated Forced Password Changes
Does forcing a person to change password often offer any real security?

Learn why unique key token generators should replace weak user passwords that need to be updated often.

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Processor Die Shrink and Quantum Tunneling
An Explanation of Quantum Tunneling And Error Correction

Processor Die Sizes have shrunk so much that quantum tunneling becomes an issue that error correction and detection have to solve.

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Smart Homes And Vampire Load
Some Advice on Connected Home Setup Dreams

Learn about standby power, positives and Negative Aspects, and Requirements for Connected Smart Homes.

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Is Microsoft Windows 11 Implementation A Good Idea?
Is Windows 11 End User Friendly?

My opinion on some the of the issues with the current deployment strategy of Microsoft related to e-waste, chip shortages, household budgets, and more.

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Your Search Engine Results Are Paid Marketing
Your Search Results Will Vary

Learn why your search engine results differ from others.

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