Do you need an after market sound card?

Learn why you may, or may not, want a new aftermarket sound card, external or otherwise.

Do you really need a dedicated graphics card?

Learn about Accelerated Processing Units, and how these have revolutionized the on-board graphics game.

Decoding the Fan Specification

Fan specification can be hard to decode, learn what you need to know before picking a computer box, and installing your new computer fans.


An explanation of the proper boot sequence of a device or computer, why it is important, and what could happen if it did not exist.

Old Windows XP Installation? What's Next?

A guide into what's next after Windows XP April 8, 2014 final update.

HTTPS, Good for Privacy or Security?

An explanation into the confusion some Internet users have with HTTPS' security versus VPN's privacy.

Torrent Tracker

Learn about why you get caught downloading movies and music via torrents.

Custom NAS

A basic instructional into the process of building your custom network attached storage drive, and what it entails.


An explanation on why passwords are so weak, what you can do about, passwords to avoid, and how to protect yourself.

Charge-Coupled Device (CCD)

An explanation of the history of the CCD, when and who invented it, how it works, and why it is important for the modern world.

The Scanner

Learn about the scanner, and how this device will fade into history.


TQA Weekly NOT Heartbleed Vulnerable

You may have noticed in the recent days that a vulnerability called Heartbleed has hit the internet and has affected a large number of web-sites.

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