Windows 10: Disliked Features

Steve Smith talks about a few features in Windows 10 that break people's trust, and kills illicit software and hardware.

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Memory Leaking

Steve Smith, talks about how a specific type of programming flaw, a memory leak, can cause applications to crash seemingly randomly, and unexpectedly.

Siri versus Cortana

Steve Smith pins Siri against Cortana to show which has the most functionality.

What is Secure Boot?

Steve Smith talks about how Windows 10, for many users will include the possibility to run this latest operating system on non-UEFI mainboards at the cost of Secure Boot functionality.

Live Streaming

Steve Smith talks about live streaming for podcasts, and game play, and the cost of entry into the latest craze of content creation online.

Adapter or Converter?

Steve Smith clarifies the question, adapter or converter, by explaining why we need converters, and when using an adapter is just fine.



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Completely Erased

It should remove all traces of the virus, provided the hard drive has no bad sectors on it. It it does, you the mentioned Spinrite to try to fix the hard drive then run DBAN after, but usually, DBAN can erase the entire drive without issue. I've used it on maximum and let it run almost 16 hours on my friends computer, that is why this episode exists.

Completely Erased

Great! I am going to run 'autonuke' on a machine that has polymorphic malware, not sure if it is in the MBR or somewhere else on the machine. Assuming autonuke runs fully without any error, will it remove the malware from the computer with certainty?

Completely Erased

Yes, it will wipe all data, including the master boot record on your hard drive. If you are unable to get DBAN to work correctly, consider using Spinrite to fix the drive so DBAN can work, rarely needed, good to have.


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