Terms of Service

TQA Weekly is meant to be a place where we share the content we create, and collaborate with you, the user, who is given the ability to comment on our projects, possibly work with us on projects, and more.

As a member of TQA Weekly, any content you submit remains your property, however, you, also, allowing us to use any part or all of the content for promotion, advertising, commentary, reviews, etc. and for any reason related to the functioning our of web-site, social media accounts, Youtube Shows, etc., and this without expiration of rights to do so for the foreseeable future, including you voluntarily closing your account, or involuntarily closing your account due to being banned from the site for not following these Terms of Service.

Under the banner of TQA Weekly, we do not tolerate trolling or abusive kinds of reviews because of the demeaning nature of those reviews. Be open, be constructive, share your passion, and do not troll. Trolls will be banned, and there will be no mechanism for their return.

Don't use simple and popular passwords. While, you may believe that you have the right to use any password you want, in general, on this web-site your password has to be a minimum of 9 characters long, and popular passwords found in password databases published by hackers will be added to the list of banned passwords by own system. If you do not like this, don't come complaining to us to change our methods, security at TQA Weekly, is paramount, and no amount of bullying us to lower the standards of our security will result in lowering them. You will be immediately banned and publicly denounced for any such actions, you have been warned. Furthermore, banned password detection will, also, be applied to logging in. If your current password is amongst a list of commonly used passwords, you will have to change it before the site will allow you to continue.

You must be 13 years of age or older. We will not tolerate minors below the age of 13, and those accounts will be closed, even if they have parental consent. This is meant as a safe guard, parents attempting to circumvent this rule, will be banned, period. Again, you have been warned.

Do not link to sites with malware, this will result in an immediate ban. All posts are moderated, and if content contains links to possible sites containing malware, orders to moderators are to flush and ban. You WILL not be allowed to contest their decision; you have been warned.

Administration, Super Moderators, and Moderators all have final say on what happens to posts, whether they are accepted, request editing, or are refused. They will all have a very specific set of guidelines that they are to follow, and you will not be able to request who allowed, requested editing, or refused your post. If you are not happy with the result, you may communicate with administration, but if the Super Moderators and Moderators have acted in good faith, their decision WILL NOT be challenged.

Second factor authentication is a requirement. End of story. This is not an opt out feature and is there for your own protection. Any attempts to circumvent this technology will result in your immediate banning, and legal action. Security of all users is extremely important, and users who wish to do harm, will be banned.

All banned users are banned for life. Life rarely offers anyone a second chance. And, this is no exception. If you are banned because you have failed to comply to this Terms of Service, there is no recourse to lift your ban. If you attempt to troll us because you have been banned, you will be prosecuted in the court of law, to which we are in Canada, and are there subject to Canadian law. All contents, and laws enforced on this site, are subject to Canadian Laws and Rights. This is, also, a private enterprise, to which we have final say on what occurs on our site.

Do not share your username, and password with anyone. We have worked long and hard to develop a means to protect your account from others gaining access to your profile. All information is encrypted using AES-256, and all passwords and secret answers are salted, and hashed iteratively to a high degree, as well as, encrypted. Your email address, which is, also, encrypted, is the biggest point of failure. If you share your username, password, and give access to your email to a third party, and we are notified of this, your account will be deleted, and you, banned. Any action that weakens the security of any user, including yourself, is not permitted by these terms of service.