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Registration is free, however, this being said, you may only register as an active user who through your participation, even if very little, validates your account. Accounts who have never had a single valid comment posted, within the first thirty days, will be deleted.

In order, for a comment to be validated, it must follow a few guidelines. All comments submitted must not contain vulgar, derogatory, racist, demeaning, or troll like language. Sales messages for other services, including those that contain URLs, are not allowed. Messages containing such language, or sales pitches will result in immediate account termination. We may, also, delete or suppress messages, and accounts, at our own leisure for any reason we deem valid, beyond those stated here.

Any, and all, comments, questions, suggestions, or stories submitted may be edited, modified, corrected, deleted, refused, and even used in the podcast, TQA Weekly. By posting to our web-site, emailing us via our web-site, or even e-mail us via our e-mail address, ask@tqaweekly.com, you enter a legally bind contract that allows us to use the content you provide to further educate and guide other users, and subscribers, as well as, allow us to monetize, with the help of our advertising partners, to generate revenue to continue our operations.

Unless your account has never submitted a valid comment, in which case, your account will be automatically terminated, it is currently impossible to delete your account and remove any of your submissions. We reserve the right to change this at our own leisure, and without your accord, and without prior notice. If you wish to surrender your account, you may e-mail ask@tqaweekly.com, in which case, all your messages posted will remain intact, and all our rights of usage will, also, remain intact. However, you will no longer be subject to the Terms of Service, beyond any messages you have already posted before surrendering your account.

While, we do generate revenue through the use of advertising platforms, which include Adsense, by Google, you may use NoScript, Adblock, cookie blockers, etc… but keep in mind, that those same advertisements generate the revenue necessary to support our web-site, operations, and weekly podcast. If you wish to block any cookies, scripts, advertisements due to personal concern, please visit our support us page for other alternate means of supporting our web-site, operations, and weekly podcast.

The Terms of Service, may be updated, changed or modified without your accord, consent, or prior notice, and, by agreeing to this Terms of Service, you agree to all future modifications, changes, or updates. You may surrender any responsibility to these Terms of Service by surrendering your account, as previously mentioned.