About the TQA Weekly Host

Short Biography of Host

Born in Montreal in 1981, Steve Smith, born in the very beginnings of the personal computer evolution, came in contact with computers and networking at a very young age. Steve became a web developer at the age of 15 years old, this being the time that he created SWDC and DreamScape Search. Later on, he created another organisation, web-site if you prefer, called Zero Exodus, that was used to promote and teach how to create our own web pages. In 2001, while in college, Steve melted all three companies together, and renamed it, Zed Axis Productions. This is the origin of his nick name.

Current Projects

Currently, Steve Smith, is the host of TQA Weekly, a vlogger and web developer. He currently has in the works, a new set idea for the show that is currently being designed in virtual reality.

Operating System Proficiencies

Software Proficiencies and Experiences

Technical Skills and Programming Language Proficiencies