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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 4

5 Question Rapid Fire #1
Stolen Camera Recovery, Lithium Battery Charging, Lost iPhone tricks, etc...

In the last episode of season 4, Steve Smith, answers 5 questions in rapid succession dealing with common issues.

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404 Error Page Not Found
Error Codes and Server Confirmations

Learn what the most common error code and server confirmations mean, and why you your device is not necessarily the source of the issue.

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Virtual Local Area Network

Learn how the VLAN improves security and use, while remaining invisible to most users.

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Clean Install Aftermath
Three Easy Steps to save time after a clean install

Steve Smith explains in three steps how to go from a clean install, to an usable computer.

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Fan CFM and Watercooling
Push, Pull, and Push Pull CFM Realities

Steve Smith explains why there is no outstanding difference in push, pull, and push pull fan configurations on water cooling radiators.

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