5 Question Rapid Fire #1

Stolen Camera Recovery, Lithium Battery Charging, Lost iPhone tricks, etc...

In the last episode of season 4, Steve Smith, answers 5 questions in rapid succession dealing with common issues.

Episode #4-50 released on September 4, 2014

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Welcome to the 200th episode of TQA Weekly, a show I started September 19, 2010.

Not all questions require a long answer when it comes to technology and how to use, today, I give you the answer to 5 questions that may, in fact, help you out.

Camera stolen?

We all have cameras, and periodically some dumb ass steals our camera. While going to the police to report it, may help in some areas because pawn shops may have to request identification, the most efficient way of tracking it down is going to sites like stolencamerafinder.com, upload a photo taken with that camera, and allow them to tell you what picture was last take with your camera. You can then inform the police of the information, you collect it yourself.

How do we update applications efficiently?

You should always keep your software up to date, and one of the fastest way of achieving this is to use Ninite.com, the installer not only checks to see if you already installed the application, but if you, also, have the latest version of it. Not just for Windows.

How do we charge a Lithium Battery the first time?

Old battery convention is up to 24 hours, and then we had to completely discharge the battery every time. Lithium batteries are different. Once the device is at a 100%, it is charged, however, the device will work between 40% and 80%, consider not charging it completely. Want to stop using your Lithium battery for a while, make sure it has a 50% charge, and place it in a dark, cool, and dry place, not connected to any devices.

Have a bad memory, and need to remember something for the future?

You can always write yourself a note in your phone, or tablet, but who checks those anyway? Go to OhLife.com, and write your future self an e-mail.

Lost your iPad, or iPhone?

All iPhones and iPads can take advantage of the Find My iPhone, provided you turned it on, on your lost device. Need to find your phone, or tablet, right now, use a friend's iPhone or iPad, and just login with your username and password in the Lost iPhone application. You have the option of forcing your phone or tablet to play a sound, forcing lost mode to allow the person to call you by providing a phone number right on the screen, or if it was stolen, erase the device entirely. The latest iOS prevents the device from being reused without your username and password. Best of all, you can, also, check the battery remaining remotely, and you can even see if the person is charging it.

Host : Steve Smith | Music : Jonny Lee Hart | Editor : Steve Smith | Producer : Zed Axis Productions

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