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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 11

The Dangers of RAT, Remote Access Trojans
How Remote Access Trojans Function

Learn about Remote Access Trojans, and all the associated dangers with them

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What Is A High-End Computer?
New Law in California Made by Uninformed

Learn why the new gaming computer law in California targets the wrong group of people.

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How Microsoft Protects Windows From Most Malware
Administrative Rights in Computers and Their Importance

Learn why there are administrator, standard and guest accounts in Windows.

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The Security Theatre of Repeated Forced Password Changes
Does forcing a person to change password often offer any real security?

Learn why unique key token generators should replace weak user passwords that need to be updated often.

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Processor Die Shrink and Quantum Tunneling
An Explanation of Quantum Tunneling And Error Correction

Processor Die Sizes have shrunk so much that quantum tunneling becomes an issue that error correction and detection have to solve.

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