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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 11

What does a Fan Curve do for Cooling?
How your computer knows it is time to cool off!

Learn how your computer figures out how fast to spin each cooling fan.

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Neighbor Spoofing Robocalls
Learn Why and How-to Avoid Being a Victim of Neighbor Spoofing Robocalls

Why you are getting dubious calls from neighbors claiming to be companies doing business with you or promoting scams.

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What is Sim Swap Fraud?
Sim Swapping, Even Retailers Do Not Have Your Back

Learn why sim swappers can overtake access to your life and how easy it really is.

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Spanning A Desktop Over Multiple Displays
Devices that Span over Multiple Displays With Single Input

Can you extend a desktop over two or more monitors using a single HDMI cable outputting from a computer?

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Why You Cannot Unregister To Every Website At Once
Technology Hurdles and Security Risks Are Biggest Issues to Unregistering Many Accounts.

Learn why you may possibly never have the ability to mass unregister all your accounts.

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