Why You Cannot Unregister To Every Website At Once

Technology Hurdles and Security Risks Are Biggest Issues to Unregistering Many Accounts.

Learn why you may possibly never have the ability to mass unregister all your accounts.

Episode #11-16 released on December 2, 2020

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It may come as a disappointment to many people, but there is a series of valid reasons why unregistering to many websites at once, is not recommended.

The first reason why mass unregistering is a bad idea is simple, if the technology existed, how long would it take malicious groups to weaponize the concept? You do not want that kind of technology to exist because it would cause a lot of havoc, all at once.

The second reason, you might not want to permanently unregister from some websites, and depending on how the process is done, it may be unreversible.

The third reason, it would require that you surrender all your passwords, usernames, email addresses, provide authentication keys, etc. You would not want a single website to have all this information, especially if those usernames and passwords exist somewhere else, too. If the website that allows user to mass unregister was ever hacked, they would pose a serious security threat, not to mention that many governments may want them to collect data for them, too.

The last reason that mass unregistering is a bad idea, is due to programming hurdles and security issues it would cause. If every website had to allow a third party the ability to unregister users remotely, it would cause significant issues. Not to mention that many websites do not have the ability to unregister in the first place. Adding that kind of functionality can become a serious security risk.

It is arguably a bad idea from a security standpoint to allow a small group of third party websites the ability to unregister users as it may cause some malicious groups to seek out the technology for their own means in order to overtake some account names for mischievous or malicious intents.

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