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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 11

Why Do You Need To Log Back In?
Learn why sessions expire and the thought the process

Learn about what is considered in determining length of your account session.

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How-To Download Videos From Reddit
Easy, Bot Free, Video Downloads From Reddit

Learn about a website that can downloads from Reddit, complete with audio, at no cost.

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Are Water Damaged Devices Repairable?
The complicated reality of water damaged circuits

Learn why repairing water damaged circuits may be possible but why it is not practical.

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What Is New With iOS14!
Apple Finally Delivers on Home Screen Enhancements!

Learn about the latest new features for iOS14 including better photo privacy, pinned messages, picture in picture, widgets and more.

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Are you tired of annoying phone calls?
Stop All Unwanted Calls!

Learn about the available built in tools in your mobile device to defend against unwanted phone calls.

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