What Is New With iOS14!

Apple Finally Delivers on Home Screen Enhancements!

Learn about the latest new features for iOS14 including better photo privacy, pinned messages, picture in picture, widgets and more.

Episode #11-07 released on September 20, 2020

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There is a lot to uncompact with the new iOS 14 and many android users will agree with me when I say, it is about time for many of these features that have been in the hands of others for years and years. Now, let us start focusing on some really useful and neat features finally available to iPhone users.

We now have access to widgets across all of our home screens, which means we finally get to change the look, feel and usefulness of each of our home screens. Widgets, also, come in a variety of sizes and with smart stacks, we can have several widgets in the same area of the screen.

The new Siri compact mode is finally a breath of fresh air, ignoring her access to more information, she takes up less space on your screen, meaning you can continue to watch, read, etc. whatever you were doing while Siri does her thing.

The App library, another Android first, allows you to track all of your applications and install new ones directly there instead of ruining the overall look of your now widget rich home screens. Think of it as a phone book for your applications.

I have one thing to say about compact calls, it is about time. You do not need a full screen warning for phone calls, unless it is a co worker or friend, I usually do not answer anyway.

Picture in Picture is something we were used to seeing available on televisions and now we get to enjoy it on our phones. We are already a distracted group, so why not give us more to be distracted by.

Pinned conversations in iMessage is really neat for someone like myself. You want to talk to me; you have a lot better chance of getting a reply via text. Being able to quickly find the most important people I text daily is the single best improvement for myself in the iPhone, about time, Apple, about time!

Translate conversation mode is a useful idea, especially working in customer service where I encounter more languages than most people would in North America. It allows for on device translation and conversation mode translation. The conversation mode does need more work, as it does not offer the form of French we speak in Quebec, only having option for France's version of French, which is different enough to cause issues.

Photo Privacy, this is a huge improvement! No longer will access to your photos be a on of off option, you decide whether they have access to all photos, or just a selected few photography. That means there is far less risk that third-party companies have access to some of your most personal pictures if you use this properly. And remember, no application needs access to all information and content, especially permanently, so at one point, the feature I want to see is full authorization expiration, allowing programs more than a one access but a time limit where after that period, the rights are revoked automatically. And, have that as the new default, not just in iPhones, but all devices.

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