Are you tired of annoying phone calls?

Stop All Unwanted Calls!

Learn about the available built in tools in your mobile device to defend against unwanted phone calls.

Episode #11-06 released on September 13, 2020

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I know many of you receive many unwanted phone calls on a daily or even hourly basis. Today, learn about the tools built into your phone and deal with them once and for all.

This is useful if you have a contact list of people you want to communicate with and do not need to accept calls from others to any varying degree.

If you an iPhone user, you go to settings, then phone, then check the Silence Unknown Callers option. You will receive a missed call notification. If the number seems like it is spam, you can click on the info icon, then Block this caller, then block contact. At this point you will never get any notifications of missed calls from that number. You will, also, never receive any calls from block numbers.

If you are using the vanilla version of Android, you need to go to settings, then over to your contact app settings and at the bottom you will have an option called blocked numbers. You will have four options, and these include numbers not in contact, private, pay phone and unknown. Activating each one will only allow phone calls from your contact list to call you. You can go a step further by blocking each number itself.

Beyond that, the only other way to call you, would be to know a number in your contact list and spoofing it. Which is an entirely different problem considering that, also, makes fraud a definite risk whenever you pick up the phone.

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