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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 11

Why You Cannot Unregister To Every Website At Once
Technology Hurdles and Security Risks Are Biggest Issues to Unregistering Many Accounts.

Learn why you may possibly never have the ability to mass unregister all your accounts.

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How Important Are Authenticator Backups?
Backing up 2FA Backup Keys Can Save Your Accounts From Being Lost

Learn how Google Authenticator Failed Its User Base on iPhone

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Is Ping Really The Only Factor That Affects Gaming?
Your Internet Connection, Monitor, Graphics Card and Controller All Affect Your Gaming

Learn about Frames Per Second, Input Latency and how these may, also, affect your gaming experience.

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Your Computer is a Hoarder!
This is why you need to empty your cache

Operating systems and applications are constantly collecting files into a cache, these can cause weird issues, eventually.

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Users Make The Operating System More Dangerous!
Operating Systems Traditionally Safe Targeted By Malicious Groups

Learn why the security of a user depends on more than a safer platform

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