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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 11

What Is New With iOS14!
Apple Finally Delivers on Home Screen Enhancements!

Learn about the latest new features for iOS14 including better photo privacy, pinned messages, picture in picture, widgets and more.

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Are you tired of annoying phone calls?
Stop All Unwanted Calls!

Learn about the available built in tools in your mobile device to defend against unwanted phone calls.

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What is a Country Specific Device Implementation?
Why Your Device May Not Work As Intended Elsewhere

Learn why certain devices do not work properly or at all in other countries.

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DNS Over HTTPS Is Coming To Windows 10 This Fall
Learn about the latest feature coming to Windows 10

Microsoft finally testing a feature worth having in the fight against DNS Hijacking, DNS Over HTTPS!

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That Cellphone is your Privacy Vulnerability!
Learn how you can be tracked without your knowledge

Learn why your cellphone location data, sensor data, those cloud backups and the cellphone network your cellphone puts your privacy at risk!

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