5 Things Not To Do To Your PC

Never Do These Things to Your Computer

Bad Practices and pranks to avoid with your computer.

Episode #11-24 released on February 9, 2021

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There are a number of things you should never do with or to your computer or its components, and today, you will learn what these are.

Bending or breaking pins on CPU or CPU socket is a terrible idea. There is no benefit to doing this unless you want to intentionally void the warranty. Worse yet, it is not repairable if you break the pins off. Bending the pins can cause the pins to break, too.

Thermal paste on CPU pins or CPU socket, yet another bad idea that involves the CPU. Believe me when I say that this is almost never possible to clean out. The thermal paste belongs on top of the CPU, not in the socket or pins.

Thermal paste, your processor and other components need this to efficiently transfer heat. Never run a PC without proper thermal paste application or the correct thermal pads. If you run a PC without thermal paste or correct thermal pads, or any of the components, know that your computer will run hotter and as a result, have a shorter life span.

Do not delete the system32 folder. Ignoring fact that this is blocked by Windows, deleting this folder will render your Windows installation unusable. Many people suggest this as a prank, do not fall for it. You will have to reinstall Windows if you do this.

If you are like me and want to use water cooling, and opt for all-in-one models, do not install the CPU block higher than the radiator. This will allow air to collect in the CPU block which will negate all the benefits of thermal transfer once enough air is present to prevent any liquid from being circulated in that block.

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