Did You Turn It Off and On Again?

Learn why the most annoying IT question is actually relevant!

There is a reason why IT departments and experts always ask if you powered your device off and on again.

Episode #11-25 released on February 16, 2021

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Today I will be talking about a technique in problem resolution so effective when dealing with many computer issues that it even works for hearts.

Ever watch any medical show like Grey's Anatomy, House, etc. when the patient's heart is experiencing improper heart rhythm the doctors shock the heart back into normal rhythm. This effectively turns off and back on the heart. The human body is complex, and this does not always work, but it works more often than not.

The same is true for your computers and mobile devices. More often than not, turning off your device or computer, and back on again, fixes the issue that is causing your device or computer to fail in the first place.

The reason for the problem may not always be clear, but the issue does have roots in the complexity of computers, operating systems, programming languages and the experience of the programmer or programmers in those programming languages. An error at any point of the development, be it hardware or software, will impact the computer, and in ways that may not be predictable, either.

That being said, some of those issues are caused by non-repeatable eventualities that developers may never be able to code for and some of those issues will never happen again. Some of the issues can be related to memory, issues with accessing storage, the way the program interacts with the operating system, etc.

And because of that, when IT asks if you turned it off and on, what they are actually asking for in many cases, is to know, if the problem is temporary, or repeatable, or sustained. A repeatable or sustained issue warrants the time of IT to investigate the actual problem causing the issue.

And remember, some issues are resolved simply by updating the software and firmware, so you may want to do those before jumping to conclusions. And remember, turn it off and on again, every once in a while, just to clear the memory, it will do your computer some good.

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