How-to Block a Device's Wi-Fi Access

4 Ways To Keep People Off Your Wi-Fi Network

Learn different ways of blocking Wi-Fi access to unauthorized individual.

Episode #11-21 released on January 19, 2021

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There are a multitude of ways that you can control access to your Internet connected Wi-Fi router, and today I will tell you about a few ways you can use to control access or mitigate access to your network.

The first method is simple, never give them access in the first place. I know, this may seem like it contradicts common courtesy, but there are plenty of reasons, many security, that would be enough of a reason for you to restrict access to your network. The second method is by using the available guest network option in your Wi-Fi router. The great thing about this, is your can disable it whenever you want, change the SSID and even the password, too. Some include timers, too. For extra protection, it may be a good idea to enable AP isolation on guest networks. This not only prevents access to your home network, but, also, prevents them from controlling any attached devices, too. It, also, prevents accidental infections of other computers because the guest device cannot transmit to any computers it has no access to.

The third method, manual DHCP IP assignments. If each person has to be given an IP address by you then they are powerless to connect to your router, even with the correct username and password. Now, if you assigned one to their pc and no longer want them to have access, you can delete their device and they would lose connectivity to your network. Interesting thing is you can do this after setting everything up, too. Meaning, you still have the possibility to disconnect them later, even if the IP was assigned automatically.

Another method changes the SSID, password or both. Changing both the password and SSID or just the password will effectively kick them off the network and be like a brand a new Wi-Fi network to their device.

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