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5 Every Scams You Encounter Daily

Learn About the Common Scams You Encounter Everyday

Episode #11-23 released on February 2, 2021

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The Internet is a treasure trove of information accessible at our fingertip, but it is, also, a dangerous place and knowledge is power. I will give you the power to overcome the dangers of today by telling you some of the most common scams to watch out for now.

A common scam is phishing, it is so incredibly common, that it is likely that many of you have been a victim of phishing scams. These scams can include emails telling you to log back into your Netflix to update your payment information.

Text Message Scams are remarkably similar to phishing scams, with primary difference being method, instead of email, you get these messages by text message. They may pretend to be your bank, mobile phone company, etc.

Typo squatting scams, where illicit groups buy up misspelled versions of popular website domains so they can defraud you with identical but fake websites. It is one of the many reasons why you are always warned to check if the website is secured and that the address is correct. Many companies do buy many of the typo domains to fight back against this kind of scam but not all businesses can do this, and some domains cannot be purchased because they are already owned by others.

Social Networking Question and Answer Scams are where they ask questions like what your first car was, where did you live as a child, etc. This may seem like innocuous, but the issue is simple, that kind of information can be useful for others to gain access to your many accounts on the Internet. Normally, this kind of scam is related to Facebook, but there is nothing to indicate that it is unique to that social network.

Fake Software and Software Updates are a definite issue online, there are many pop ups and advertisements on compromised or illicit websites that will tell you that your antivirus and other applications are expired or need to be updated. You will even get emails telling you, that your software or antivirus is expired or needs an update. Do not fall for this, your applications have built it methods to update or notify you that your product is expired.

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