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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 11

Why Is The Internet Slow Over Work VPN?
Your VPN May Be Slower For Reasons You Can Relate To

Learn why your ISP may not be to blame for slow performance of your work VPN.

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Can Someone Email Your Contacts?
Learn how a device or server compromise may leak your contacts!

If you ever got a scam email blackmailing you into giving them any kind of money, you may have noticed that they threaten to email your contacts, but can they?

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Can You Migrate Windows on Old Drive to New PC?
Upgrading Your Mainboard Is the Same As Swapping Drive To New PC

Can you use the same hard drive from an old computer in a new computer without reinstalling Windows?

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Can A VPN Protect You From Malware?
Learn About VPN and Malware Security

Learn about how your VPN may be able to protect you, and how it is not always true.

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Learn About The Information Access Paradox
The Differences between Opinions and Facts Broke Society

We used to believe access to the Internet and information would enlighten the world, we were wrong, and this is why.

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