The Benefits of Local Backups for iPhones

iPhone Recovery with Account Credentials

Learn how-to transfer your iPhone or iPad data with credentials using iTunes.

Episode #11-40 released on June 1, 2021

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As part of my day job, I have certain things I have to do, unfortunately I put my iPhone in the wrong place and the safe crushed the screen. For those out there that are going to say Android is better, all phones would have been crushed, case or no case. The screen and digitizer are both damaged rendering the phone useless. I need a phone to do my job for various functions, so regardless, I had to get a new phone and move all my work apps and information from one phone to the other.

I preach, often, the necessity of backups and I, too, do backups. Keeping both local and remote backups of various documents and projects. My phone backups are no different. It might be interesting to note, that as an iPhone user, that I have the option of both local and cloud backups, but the cloud backups are missing a detail that I need to quickly use a new phone, the account information for applications.

If you are an iPhone user, consider making a local backup in iTunes, so you can always recover your iPhone faster and spend less time writing in all your passwords, each and every single time.

To make a local backup, simply plug in your iPhone, open iTunes, click the iPhone icon in top left and then head to summary page where you can do a manual backup locally, do use option of password to encrypt the backup so all your account information is, also, stored in the backup itself. Make one every few weeks and you will have to worry less about backups, too.

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