Trouble Updating Windows 10 Version?

Alternative Windows 10 Version Update Methods

Learn how-to install the latest Windows 10 version, whether your installation has issues or not.

Episode #11-38 released on May 18, 2021

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Windows 10 is far from perfect, and while Windows 10 does update automatically, sometimes it is unable to update to a new version.

Today, learn how to update to the latest version of Windows 10, without all the headaches. As usual, there is more than one way of doing this, starting with the most important advice I can give you, backup all your data, just in case something happens.

The easiest method to update Windows to the latest version does involve downloading the installer directly from the Microsoft website by visiting You have a choice between updater and creating installation media.

The updater will update Windows directly without the need for optical media or a USB installation drive. This saves time on the preparation of the update. It is, also, the easiest method with the least data risk.

The other method is through the creation of installation media. If updating directly is not possible, this is going to be the method you will have to follow. This method is likely to destroy your data, and it is for this reason that before you update using installation, backup all your data first. The installation of the Update can be done from the installation media, but you can, also, just do a clean install which has many benefits of its own.

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