Why Do You Need To Log Back In?

Learn why sessions expire and the thought the process

Learn about what is considered in determining length of your account session.

Episode #11-10 released on October 11, 2020

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If you are watching my show, chances are, you have one or more accounts online. You probably have at minimum an email account and YouTube account. This means you are at least aware that you have to periodically have to login, log out and log back in. However, sometimes you have to log back in, despite never logging out, why is that?

As a programmer the answer comes down to security and convenience. The type of website we are creating often dedicates what kind of session design we will be using for the website. Certain kinds of websites like banks are dangerous to leave unlocked, whereas your Facebook account needs to be logged in to be able to like, share and comment with all over the Internet. Your bank account will be logged into for minutes, but a Facebook account can be logged into indefinitely.

Is there a way to change the duration of the session, regardless of what type of website it is?

Unless a website offers the option to stay logged in, you cannot change how long you stay logged in, because cookies have a set lifespan, and unless the website updates this itself, it is possible that the session id assigned to the cookie will expire on the server the moment the cookie was meant to expire, meaning that modifying the duration will not always yield the result you thought it would. Especially if the programmer is worth the salt they are made of. The only thing you can do is request a longer duration from the website owner and that would require some extra programming and if the website owner and programmers opinion is that the website allows you to remain logged in for long enough to do what you need to do, then they will likely not change a thing. Even if you were to have a petition, chances are, security will always be considered long before convenience.

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