Spanning A Desktop Over Multiple Displays

Devices that Span over Multiple Displays With Single Input

Can you extend a desktop over two or more monitors using a single HDMI cable outputting from a computer?

Episode #11-17 released on December 7, 2020

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Based off a question from the Reddit Tech Support subreddit, a user asked if there was a way extend their laptop display onto two or more monitors, instead of the normal single extra monitor provided. The answer to the question is yes. It is called a Display Docking Station and it can allow two or monitors to be plugged into a single display port.

The only issues that will arise when using a display spanning device is that having to generate a bigger desktop will require more resources and processing than the manufacture anticipated and will result in loss of performance of your computer. And the more intensive the workload, the more likely that you will see a degradation in performance.

Expect to pay roughly one hundred and fifty or more dollars for a display docking station, and you may have to buy the cables required. You will need to provide the extra monitors. Meaning that the cost of entry to productivity is relatively high. I would, also, suggest using such a setup with laptops that have discreet graphics solutions and not CPU or APU based graphical solutions to get the best result.

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