The Dangers of RAT, Remote Access Trojans

How Remote Access Trojans Function

Learn about Remote Access Trojans, and all the associated dangers with them

Episode #11-50 released on August 17, 2021

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A RAT, short for Remote Access Trojan, is a type of trojan virus, that is typically downloaded by the user trying to download games, music, movies, or opening email attachments.

A RAT's primary focus is on enabling administrative access to the target computer to allow it to do a multitude of tasks and objectives.

A RAT is normally capable of keylogging, spying on end user, accessing and collecting confidential information, activating hardware and enabling software for purpose of recording and spying, can take video and photos, installing and sending more malware, formatting drives, deleting data, or even rendering all data inaccessible, and a lot more. Because a RAT's abilities are only limited by the goals and imagination of RAT deployer, some RATs are able to do a lot more than this.

The best ways to avoid getting infected by a RAT is to avoid opening email attachments, to download music, games, movies, etc. only from legitimate online sources, and to prevent privilege escalation use a normal account, not an admin account. The use of an administrative account makes it easier for any virus to privilege escalate permissions.

If you are ever infected with a RAT, the only sure way of getting rid of it, is a complete format of your computer, even restoration points and system restore may be compromised by the RAT.

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