How Microsoft Protects Windows From Most Malware

Administrative Rights in Computers and Their Importance

Learn why there are administrator, standard and guest accounts in Windows.

Episode #11-48 released on July 27, 2021

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Someone asked if it was possible to install an application in Windows without administrative rights, today, learn why that is not possible and why that is a great thing.

Windows used to allow you to install applications any which way you wanted, there was absolutely no way to prevent people from just installing anything in a computer. While this meant everyone could easily use Windows, it, also, meant that anyone could abuse this feature.

In order to prevent malicious installation of applications both locally and remotely, Windows started building administrative and restricted accounts into Windows. This would allow an admin to install applications and allow standard users to use them. This was not enough because people rarely created those restricted accounts because of many issues and complaints.

With each new iteration of Windows and Windows server, Microsoft finally got the problems mostly resolved with standard accounts, however, most end users still use an administrative account. To protect Windows, user access control, aka UAC, was developed and shipped in consumer Windows clients like Vista, then improved in both Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Combined with the use of UEFI, Secure Boot, UAC, root access controls beyond administrative rights and more proactive updates, Windows continues to fight back against malicious installation of applications, and with UAE, you know whenever an application tries to install itself and can block the attempt, too.

So, when you have a child, and you do not want them to install just any application, you can now create a functional standard account and lock them out of your administrative account.

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