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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 4

5 Useful iPhone Features Seldom Talked About
Preinstalled Features that make your day much easier.

Learn about 5 features your iPhone has that can make your whole day easier and more productive.

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Zero Day
Dealing with Previously Unknown Vulnerabilities

An explanation of the term Zero Day, and how it affects your digital life.

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iOS7 and I
Faves, Hates and Cool Battery Drainers

Steve Smith talks about his favorite features, disliked features and other cool battery killers in the new iOS7.

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Hash Iterations
A discussion into hashing, and how iterations are important to password protection.

Hashing iterations and how it is used to re-enforce hashing procedures for protecting user passwords.

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SQL Injection
Attacking by injecting code to the structured query language.

Learn what SQL Injection is, how it is achieved, and how to defeat it.

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