5 Useful iPhone Features Seldom Talked About

Preinstalled Features that make your day much easier.

Learn about 5 features your iPhone has that can make your whole day easier and more productive.

Episode #4-05 released on October 13, 2013

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Let's be honest, sometimes we are tired of being harassed by morons, we'd like to be able to block them from calling us, or texting us. There are times we'd like to know we are getting a message or phone call, silently. Sometimes we see something strange on our phones and we'd like to take a photo of it, and we'd also like a little more security on our phones. Today, we focus on the latest iPhone iOS7 software and look at useful features that rarely get any media attention.

First feature of the day, Blocked. Under Phone, in the settings application of the iPhone, you only need to click Add new, to add a person to the block list. This feature blocks all phone calls, messages and FaceTime requests from the numbers in the block list. This bypasses the requirement to notify your phone company to do the same functionality, and your iPhone won't say NO.

Sometimes we have a little issue with hearing, or want a more unique form of attention grabbing notification when our iPhone rings, we can use the visual notification method known as LED Flash for Alters, available for anyone with an iPhone with a flash, under the Accessibility menus, under General in the settings application. This allows anyone to see when alerts coming in, and if you know someone who is hard of hearing, or deaf, this can make their life easier.

Seeing a cool clip, and want a snapshot of it? Seeing some buggy software issues, and want proof. Want to take a photo of a text message chat, or Facebook chat to post somewhere else. All you need is to take a snap shot. How? Press the power and home button briefly at the same time, and the screen will flash. The resulting image will be with your other photos, have fun.

All governments are annoying with their so called terrorist prevention methods, which includes not just nosing into target suspects internet traffic on our phones, but all traffic, as we have all seen lately with the Snowdon revelations. Well guess what, we have access to PPTP on our iPhones, and most other cellphones, routers, etc... What is PPTP? It stands for Point to Point Tunneling Protocol, also known as a VPN. It is not perfect, it does occasionally have security issues, but it is better than nothing, and it is already available on your device. Your other options include using OpenVPN services such as my advertiser, ProXPN, and others.

And, for those wondering, what is my most favorite feature of this phone and others, try the power button. Sometimes you just need a break from the world, or you are working and don't want to be bothered.

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