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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 4

How-to Conserve iPhone Battery Power and Bandwidth
Tips and Tricks into Preventing Premature iPhone Battery Discharging During the Holidays

Learn how to prevent your iPhone's battery from dying prematurely during the holidays.

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Power Supply
What you need to know about the most important part of your computer.

An explanation into why the power supply is so important, and why wattage is more important than you thought.

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The Spy on your computer.

Learn about spyware, the types, and why you need to avoid getting them, removing them, and avoid having them transmit collected information over the internet.

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The Computer Virus
Explaining the Computer Viruses and their types.

Learn about computer viruses, types, and why you need but can't rely on anti-viruses.

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The Internet, Bloated
Why is my Internet connection so slow?

An explanation into why the internet seems to be slowing down, and some unintended consequences related to memory upgrades.

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