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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 4

Bluetooth and iTunes
An explanation on why iTunes and Bluetooth are not compatible.

Viewer question answering a music playback, Bluetooth and iTunes issue, and an explanation on how to use the shared library functionality correctly.

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What kind of office do you use?
The Office Becoming Mobile

An in-depth explanation into the procedure required to make an office, mobile.

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Wireless LAN Hacked?
Detecting and Removing the Intruder

Steve Smith explains how to detect an intruder on your wireless network manually and how to kick them off for good.

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Optical Drive
From CD-ROMs to Blu-ray, A Look Inside A Drive

An inside look into optical drives, and an explanation into optical drives work.

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New Year's Blog
This Year You'll Follow Through With Your New Year's Resolution With A Blog.

An episode explaining how to use a blog to its maximum potential in a method to allow you to converse about your New Year's Resolution, thoughts, opinions, experiences and more.

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