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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 4

How do I select the best hard drive for my computer?
Picking the Right Hard Drive for the Job.

Learn how to determine which hard drive you should consider in your next computer.

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Why is processor nanometer size important?
Smaller Dies and More Processor Cores

Learn the answer to how we fit more processor cores in your CPU.

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Should I Air Cool, or Water Cool?
Air Coolers versus Water Coolers

Descriptive explanation of the benefits, and downfalls of air and water cooling solutions.

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What is Thermal Paste, and Why do Processors Need It?
Helping Keep Processors Cool

Learn why processors need this paste, and how to apply it correctly.

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Do you need an after market sound card?
To Be Internal, Or To Be External

Learn why you may, or may not, want a new aftermarket sound card, external or otherwise.

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