How do I select the best hard drive for my computer?

Picking the Right Hard Drive for the Job.

Learn how to determine which hard drive you should consider in your next computer.

Episode #4-35 released on May 17, 2014

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In this modern day, a hard drive is simply not a hard drive. There are many different types of tasks, many types of needs, and plenty more operating conditions that have to be taken into account before selecting the right hard drive for the right job.

The Western Digital Green drive is perfect for those situations where being ecological and economical are important, such as in libraries, and other similar environments where the computers may run all day but are rarely used.

For common or normal usage scenarios, the Western Digital Blue Drive and Seagate's HDD drive are great for some gaming, office work, and can be installed in virtually all applications.

Have a NAS drive, consider using Western Digital's purpose made Red Nas Drive. Designed to withstand heat, vibrations, and 24 hour operation, this drives can take a beating before dying, in a way other drives will fail.

For gamers, and high end multimedia fans, consider using the Western Digital Black Drive, or Seagate's SSHD drive. The black drive spins are 10K RPM, and the SSHD drive has a SSD cache, both will up your game without busting your wallet. Gigabyte for Gigabyte, the cheapest way to have both speed and space.

Want extremely high speeds, and virtually imperceptible loading times, considering using SSD. Solid State Drives are more expensive per Gigabyte, but the wear is limited to writing, unlike spinning drives. There are no moving parts, meaning that all the data is instantly accessible. Not affected by higher than normal heat, and vibrations. There also require less power and emit less heat than common spinning drives. Unless you plan to pair your build with a common spinning drive for data, consider opting for 250GB or more in space to avoid space issues on the drive.

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