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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 4

Type Faster
Learn the benefits of touch typing and comfortable keyboards.

This week, learn why touch typing and using a comfortable keyboard correctly can make you type faster.

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The original way of transferring files, revised.

A talk about old school data transfer techniques, the Sneakernet, now available with upgrades to security, and an explanation why.

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Extreme Privacy, Failing
A Reality Check into the Lack of Internet Privacy

Steve Smith talks about privacy, and the lack there of. Also mentions methods of transmitting messages more securely, and how some methods fail, because of ISPs.

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Wired or Wireless Mouse?
A few questions to ask when choosing a wired or wireless mouse solution.

Learn about a few valid reasons to purchase a wired or wireless mouse for your computer.

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OEM Versus Custom Built PCs
The differences between built in hardware and custom add-ons in computers.

This episode talks about the key differences in performance when using distinct processors that are task specific instead of CPU integrate tasks.

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