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Learn the benefits of touch typing and comfortable keyboards.

This week, learn why touch typing and using a comfortable keyboard correctly can make you type faster.

Episode #4-10 released on November 17, 2013

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How do I type faster? Anonymous

So, you are looking to type faster? You may want to type faster because of job requirements, to become more productive, or just because you want to, but chances are, you are actually looking for a way to touch type, which is the ability to type without looking at the keyboard.

People who touch type can routinely type faster than those who look at the keyboard mainly because we already know where the keys are positioned.

What is the difference between touch typing and looking at the keyboard?

Well, when you are forced to look at the keyboard to type, you are consciously targeting and reacting to the keyboard, whereas when you know where the keys are, you just type out the text you want to type out. This reduces the actual amount of work in typing, and speeds up typing.

Does practice makes perfect?

Yes, frequently typing on a keyboard does allow you to type faster. The more you do any activity, the more muscle memory you will develop. Now, obviously, you need tools to help and I have found a few to help you out.

So, first site, perfect for everyone wanting to learn how to type, or type faster, Keybr.com. So, yes, free and easy to use, click to start and type exactly what is on the screen. The keys are positionally shown, so that you know where the keys are, and a photo of the correct starting position is also shown. The site claims that after two weeks, you should be able to clear not just 25 but 50 words per minute. Let me know how you do, because I already clear over a hundred words per minute on a good day.

Now, for people wanting to show a group of people, like students, another great web-site is TypingWeb, a free online typing tutorial, which is boosts being free permanently allowing for unlimited students, teachers, and classes. The website is available at typingweb.com.

Now, the keyboard can, also, help you type faster, and more efficiently. Getting a keyboard that fits with your typing style is going to help you type a lot faster than just using any keyboard. Quite frankly, we all know how bad laptop keyboards can be, and typing on a virtual keyboard doesn't provide the feedback we need, so when you need to type, using a real keyboard is going to really help.

Doesn't matter if it is wired, or wireless, as long as the keyboard meets a few prerequisites. One, it must be comfortable to type on. There are many kinds of keyboards, try them all out. Try typing on keyboards in office centers. Try mesh based and mechanical keyboards all out. No keyboard works for everyone. I personally prefer keyboards with Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches, but some people may want a different feeling or sound.

Make sure the keyboard is at the right height for you. You arms should be at virtually 90 degrees to the keyboard to prevent any repetitive stress injuries. You should refrain from using palm wrists, as they do little to help you type, they are more likely to injure your carpal tunnel. Feel free to adjust the keyboard angle to work best for you, I personally prefer one that is perfectly flat, and stable. You be seated with correct posture as this allows for better blood flow, and refrain from anything compressing your wrists.

In short, in order to type faster, learn to touch type on a keyboard you feel comfortable using, seated straight with your arms at a 90 degree angle to your keyboard, and do not use a wrist rest because it isn't good for your carpal tunnel.

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