iOS7 and I

Faves, Hates and Cool Battery Drainers

Steve Smith talks about his favorite features, disliked features and other cool battery killers in the new iOS7.

Episode #4-03 released on September 29, 2013

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Last week, the latest version of iOS, iOS 7.0 was finally delivered after months of speculation, and this week we, also, got the latest update, iOS 7.0.2, which fixes several security issues, so in this episode, I will be talking about my favorite features, apps, etc.., my least favorite features, apps, etc... and cool battery draining options we now have.

To begin with my least favorite newest assets to the latest iOS version 7.0. First, the calendar, it isn't what I would have expected, and very clumsy looking, especially in the month by month view. In the drop down from the lock screen, very few details for the future are open to preview, not even a single week.

Secondly, the side scrolling folders aren't as intuitive as it would leave you to believe. Many users many not realize you can now scroll side to side, leaving many I know, confused.

Thirdly, VPN activation is still a temporary thing. When you are serious about protecting your security, the option should engage the whole time, not just a few minutes or until when you lock the screen. The phone can and does still seek information over the internet, compromising your location security, as a result.

Fourthly, the lock screen playlist is just gone. While, we have the player options, and cover of the album, we can't go to a specific song easily through a list.

And, lastly, all these new features activate features of our phone that cause premature battery drain. Deactivation of these features, are also, not centralized to a single menus.

Now, there is a lot that I like about the new iOS7 operating system, and let's begin with those.

First, the accessible options menus activated from the bottom of the home or lock screen that allows us the ability to access airplane mode, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Do Not Disturb, lock to portrait orientation, screen brightness, audio controls, flash light, timer, calculator and camera without fumbling online for applications that either cost money, have advertisements, or worst yet, need the passcode to be entered.

Second, the new search mode, that can be activated from the home screen by sliding in the middle of the screen down a few pixels. It makes it cleaner and easier to find stuff, and doesn't require a whole screen to be permanently assigned.

Thirdly, the new compass/level. Once just a compass, it now calibrates for each use, and sliding to left reveals a level that is pretty good. Another application we no longer need to download.

The new mail box feature, which allows for a lot more control. My only issue, there is not easy way of deleting hundreds of emails fast, so be careful.

And, lastly, the new camera options. We now have square for Instagram like photos, and new filters we can now use. Be an artistic photographer, without all the courses someone like myself took back in school.

Now, five of the coolest looking parts I have experienced with the newest iOS are Parallax which gives some depth to the screen as we tilt, the new dynamic backgrounds, that also react to the direction the iPhone is tilted. The new ring tones that are loaded to give people new choices in how their own iPhone rings. Nothing is more annoying than two dozen people checking their iPhone to see who just got texted. Ya, it was my phone. The new folder and application zoom in effect when we open a folder or application looks really cool, gives the impression of a phone loading something. And, finally, the new lock screen, which has so much more to it than before. Activation menus, calendar options, new unlock method, better keyboards, etc.... a side, our lock screen backgrounds look more like a photo and less like a badly made attempt at showing the time.

Next week, I will be explaining what a Zero-Day virus or attack is, and explaining how you can avoid being a victim for many of these kinds of attacks.

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