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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 7

Don't Pay the Ransom
Ransomware, Malicious Hackers and the Solution

Steve Smith talks about Ransomware, the necessity of cold storage, and how to curb these kinds of attacks.

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6 iPhone Tricks to make your life easier
6 Ways of making your iPhone experience better

Steve Smith talks about the iPhone and 6 features that make or break your experience of the iPhone itself.

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Attackers Infects Air Gapped Devices
How-to infect a computer unattached from any network

Steve Smith explains how air gapped machines get infected and how data is retrieved from such devices to be sent back to the attacker.

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Live Multiplatform Streaming
How-to Stream to more than one platform

Steve Smith explains how-to live stream to more than one platform at once and increase your overall visibility online, and your community, as well.

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Your Apple Device is Obsolete, What Next?
The End of the 32-Bit iPhone is Announced

Steve Smith talks about the Apple's iOS11 announcement, and what it means for all users that currently have 32-bit iPhones and iPads.

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