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How-to Stream to more than one platform

Steve Smith explains how-to live stream to more than one platform at once and increase your overall visibility online, and your community, as well.

Episode #7-42 released on June 17, 2017

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No matter what kind of online streamer you are, whether it be gaming, in real life, a talk show, or anything else, getting a larger audience is key. The issue though is that all platforms are congested, and some aren't as friendly to new talent as others. So, how does one get a bigger audience? Try streaming to more than one platform at a time.

There is an obvious problem to that solution. For one, many programs don't play nice with streaming to more than one service at a time, considering the overhead required. Then there is a bandwidth concern. Streaming the content more than once on your internet connection, multiplies the amount of bandwidth used. In some cases, that makes it harder, if not impossible for most to stream to multiple services at a time.

But, there is a solution!, is a service that restreams to multiple platforms at a time, so you are only required to stream once, and they restream it multiple times. Now, for those who have seen my show before, you know I use XSplit Broadcaster to stream, and the latest version allows us to use easily, because of the existence of output plugin. The process is extremely simple, setting it up in XSplit Broadcaster, simply login in, and tweak the stream to your normal settings.

Using the web-site is, also, easy. The process only requires linking the accounts to be able to stream to each service. And, it, also, allows for custom places, or multiple streams to the same service, for a fee. Multiple service streaming, where each service has a single stream heading towards it, is free.

And, for those wondering how should one deal with each individual chat from each service. Once, you open an account, and setup all your services you want to stream to. Go to the Chat link in the menu on, and either use the Windows application, or the Webchat. Setup each service, and now you'll be able to keep track of every chat stream at once. Sure, it isn't as easy to follow two or more chats, as it is only one, but more people chatting, more responses, more conversation, and more interaction makes for a stronger multi network community, and that is what we all want, a stronger, bigger community, doing and taking part in what we all love to do, whether it be gaming, in real life adventures, talk shows, etc. Just a final note, the Windows Application does currently allow for multiple instances, meaning you can easily have an instance per service available directly for viewing, this makes it easier to view all the messages from all your users at the same time.

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