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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 7

10 Tips for dealing with Facebook Privacy
How to clean up your profile before your boss sees it

Steve Smith talks about Facebook Privacy settings, and how to clean up your public profile in 5 minutes or less.

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5 iOS10 Features You May Like or Hate
Good, Bad, it is up to you.

Steve Smith talks about 5 features that Apple introduced to iOS10, whether they are good, or bad, is up to you.

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Setting Up XSplit for YouTube Live
Process of Setting up YouTube Live Stream with X-Split

Steve Smith demonstrates how to setup XSplit Broadcaster for YouTube Live.

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5 Tricks for Better Reports and Blogs
Tips and Tricks to make your School Reports and Blog Posts Better

Steve Smith talks about 5 tips and tricks to make better reports and blog posts.

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5 Things You Can Do with YouTube
Features that make YouTube Useful

Steve Smith talks about features that makes YouTube useful, and easier to use for everyone.

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