Setting Up XSplit for YouTube Live

Process of Setting up YouTube Live Stream with X-Split

Steve Smith demonstrates how to setup XSplit Broadcaster for YouTube Live.

Episode #7-03 released on September 18, 2016

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You need two things to stream on YouTube. A YouTube account that is verified, that way you can stream, and a stream program. I currently use XSplit. Since, I was personally asked how to set up YouTube Live on XSplit, and come up with instructions, this is for her. The rest of you will simply reap the benefits of me doing this one time, for everyone.

First, open XSplit and go to

Second, on, next to the upload button and notifications icon, is your icon, click on it, select creator studio.

Third, head to live streaming. You don't have much to do here, actually. Most of the hard work is done in XSplit. But, this page is massively important while you stream.

Fourth, in XSplit, click on Outputs, Setup New Output, then YouTube Live.

Fifth, enter your Gmail address in the ID box, and click authorize. This will allow you to log into your YouTube account, and select which channel you want to stream to. You can enter a description, and tags, too. I suggest you test your bandwidth, too. Play with some of the settings. Streaming is a work of art in itself. Computers, Internet Bandwidth, Network Traffic, Internet Traffic, everything plays a role on the quality of the stream. Personally, if you can, stream at higher bitrates. The higher the bitrate, the better the image will look. YouTube does request a minimum 4370KBPS for 1080p at 60FPS, but provided you have the bandwidth, and computer power, go higher. When you click ok, it will save as an output in XSplit.

Now, since you will still have the YouTube Live Streaming page still open, enter the title, description, category, and if relevant, privacy level and game title.

In XSplit, beside the volume and microphone volume, click the gear, Select System Sound, and Microphone. Click Ok.

Start your game, if relevant to your stream. Under Outputs in XSplit, select your YouTube Live Stream Account, and start streaming. This is it. Be sure to be yourself on stream, communicate, and don't be afraid to block the occasional troll.

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