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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 7

Reign in those Rogue Desktop Icons
Regaining Control over Desktop Icons

Steve Smith explains how to reign in control on disobedient icons on desktops.

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Make Your Desktop Yours
Quick How-to for Rainmeter

Steve Smith explains how-to use Rainmeter with skins made by other artists.

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Video Desktop Background
Learn How-to have a Video Play as the Desktop Background in Windows

Steve Smith talks about how to load video and other types of desktop backgrounds using Wallpaper Engine. Replacement for Windows Vista's DreamScene feature.

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Connecting Synergy Client to Server
Successfully Connecting Synergy Clients and Server

Steve Smith explains why you can't connect the client computers to the server computer using Synergy, and gives you the mystery solution.

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Dealing with Pesky Blue Light Before Bed
How F.lux helps you sleep at night

Steve Smith talks about F.lux, a program designed to deal with blue light related sleeping issues, while letting you get work done, before bed.

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