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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 7

Windows 10 Creators Edition Crashes PCs
Microsoft Has Yet Another Buggy Update

Steve Smith talks about the Creators Update and Why Microsoft says to wait before updating. Also, provides advice before updating for those who won't listen anyway.

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Net Neutrality Win in Canada
Major win for Canadians, and Telecoms are Livid

Steve Smith talks about the latest win in protecting net neutrality in Canada, and what it means for Canada, and other likeminded countries.

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OurMine Hacked MCNs, Not YouTubers
Hacked Multichannel Networks Compromises Partners

Steve Smith talks about OurMine, YouTubers, and MCNs, and who really was hacked and compromised. Provides a possible solution to avoid this fate yourself.

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5 Common Tech Help Questions
Common issues that affect most home computer users

Steve Smith talks about 5 common issues that affect most home computer users.

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Gaming in 4K
4K Gaming Requirements for Your Computer

Steve Smith talks about 4K gaming and what you must consider in a 4K Gaming Computer.

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