5 Common Tech Help Questions

Common issues that affect most home computer users

Steve Smith talks about 5 common issues that affect most home computer users.

Episode #7-32 released on April 8, 2017

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Next time you are sitting at your computer and these happens, remember, these are common issues with easy answers. These are some of the common issues pointed out by Nathan Riley, and I extracted the ones that would occur most often for home users.

The Blue Screen of Death is one of the most common and scary things someone will see, it is unfortunate that so many people, also, ignore the simple maneuver of just reading the message, jotting it down, or in some cases, scanning the QR code for details. The error codes given mean something, and usually, the only thing that needs to be done, is restart the computer. In some other cases, simply knowing the error makes it easier for them, or others, to fix it.

Another common issue is related to logging in, while it may seem like the end of the world, consider this, maybe you just clipped the cap locks button. Also, consider that sometimes you have more than one password, and hopefully you do, and you are just entering the wrong password.

It may occur on occasion that you have accidentally deleted a file and emptied the recycling bin, or shift-deleted the file. The file is not lost, but please stop using the computer. There are programs that can retrieve files that have been accidently deleted, but only if the file is not overwritten.

It does happen, especially with computer towers, that for some unknown reason the computer may simply turn off. I've seen this happen before numerous times, and usually the cause is heat, and or dust build up. If the fans and heat sinks are full of dust, they cannot do their job, clean them. The more dust on the blades of the fans, and the more build up in the heatsink, the more likely overheating will occur, leading to the fail-safe shut off that occurs when thermal throttling does not resolve the issue. If the fans are clean, and the heat sinks, as well, it is probably time to change the thermal interface material between the heat sink and processors.

Wireless issues are a thing, even in the home. While, I have talked about this before, I guess it is important to note that there are solutions to this common issue. Placement of the wireless access point should never be near microwaves, cordless phones, and electrical panels. Anything that either emits microwaves, or electromagnet interference. Also, think of the wireless access point's range as a sphere, because for most routers, it is in fact spherical. In an apartment, having the wireless access point somewhere in the center will garner the best results. In a home, the best solution is in the middle of the home. If that cannot be achieved, consider have two or more access points so that you will always maintain an internet connection via WIFI. Also, please make sure you access points are secured, with a strong password, the last thing you want is your neighbor messing with you, you've been warned.

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