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4K Gaming Requirements for Your Computer

Steve Smith talks about 4K gaming and what you must consider in a 4K Gaming Computer.

Episode #7-31 released on April 1, 2017

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4K gaming, what can be better than having 4 times the pixel density of 1080P gaming? The image is clearer, cleaner, and crisper, making gaming more enjoyable. Combine this will a high frame per second experience, and you will not only see the enemy in your favorite game faster, but be able to see them clearly and react more effectively. So, there is a valid reason why many gamers may want to flock over to 4K gaming, but there are more hurdles to cross than 1080P and 1440P gaming. The configuration of your computer matters more for 4K gaming, than it would for 1080P gaming, so let's get started.

Graphics cards are important to the entire experience. You will never be able to enjoy 4K gaming on an integrated graphic processor on a CPU. You need a discrete graphics solution. While, there is no evidence of needing really high amounts of VRAM. We need to focus on texture packs, if you ever played on modding the game you like playing. An unmodded 4K game title may need 4GB or more depending on the texture packs made available by the developers. Some titles may need more, and if you mod the game, you will need even more VRAM. Before buying the graphics card, it is a good idea to consult the list of specifications for any games you are interested in playing, and see how others have experienced the same game titles in 4K.

I, also, find it important, to notify people on a currently misunderstood method of boosting performance. SLI and Crossfire does not double, triple or quadruple your VRAM, only the processing power is affected, and this is entirely dependent on the developers. Some game titles may work better with 2 or more graphics cards, but many perform better on a single better graphics card. Buying a single better graphics card, also, has its benefits, as you utilize few PCIE lanes.

Processor and RAM requirements for a computer are not a joke, too. 1080P is nothing compared to 4K gaming. Developers do not make all games equally. A game may, and often does, require CPUs with 4 of more cores these days. So, while you can game on an i3 Intel Processor, it is better to get an i5 processor, or any AMD processor with 4 or more cores. Again, this is entirely dependent on the game titles you plan to buy, refer to the game's recommended specifications for 4K gaming. As for RAM, a gaming computer should have at least 8GB of RAM, and you may want to consider doubling that, just in case. Especially, if you plan to run any other programs in the background at the same time, as it is the trend currently. If you plan on streaming, you will need a better processor and more Ram, than just gaming.

Do not get confused about clock speed. The clock speed of a given CPU, or GPU, only matters between cards in the same generation. Your overclocked Intel i7 2600K will not be better than a stock clocked Intel i7 4770K. The same holds true for graphics cards. Each generation of graphics card and processor, for any manufacture sees changes to the way the entire unit works, how efficient it is, and how many instructions per cycle it can execute. You may overclock the GPU, RAM and CPU to get a little more boost out of your system, but keep in mind cooling. The issue will be heat, and heat is not an overclocks friend. If the temperature is high enough, parts in your computer will start to thermal throttle, ruining your gaming experience. Consider better computer chassis with more airflow, better fans, or water cooling for gaming.

And now, monitors, you need a 4K monitor of some kind to take advantage to be able to game in 4K. You will need HDMI 2.0 enabled graphics cards and a 4K monitors or television with the same technology, as well as a HDMI 2.0 cable to play at 60FPS. For higher than 60FPS gaming, you need a 4K gaming monitor that has access to display port 1.2, and display port cable supporting the 1.2 or better standard. If you are using a 4K television, or gaming on any television for that matter, use game mode, as it will lower latency and you will experience better game play.

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