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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 7

Speeding Up Your Home Network
Applying Net Neutrality at home, speeding up your connection

Steve Smith allows you to demonstrate the value of Net Neutrality at home, with your own router, and in return speed up your own connection online.

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New Processors Now Windows 10 Only
Microsoft Kills Support for New Processors for Win7/8.1

Steve Smith talks about the best methodology to force users to upgrade their operating system.

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Vault 7 Exposed
The CIA's list of vulnerabilities is leaked

Steve Smith talks about the Vault 7 document leaks, and what it means for you.

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DDOS & Another Typo Brings Down Web
Human Error and Tactics Taking Down Internet

Steve Smith talks about the Amazon S3 outage, and DDOS attack that took down part of Godaddy, and DYN.

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The Clouds are Bleeding!
Recent Cloudflare code typo leads to data leakage

Steve Smith talks about the recent Cloudflare issue that resulted from a typo, leading to a potentially unknown amount of data that has been leaked all over the Internet.

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