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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 7

Bluetooth Interference and Possible Solutions
Explanation to why your headset disconnects, glitches, or cuts off temporarily.

Steve Smith explains why Bluetooth Headsets, and other equipment, suffers from interference, glitches, disconnections, and other annoying issues, and possible solutions.

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Choppy Video Playback in iTunes
Ridiculous Issue for Awesome Feature

Steve Smith explains how to fix choppy video playback in iTunes, and the solution is ridiculously simple.

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5 Things You Should Fix Online in 2017
New Year's Resolution for your Online Life

Steve Smith suggests 5 things you should fix online in 2017.

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10 Reasons PC is Better than Console
Why PC is Better Than Game Consoles

Steve Smith gives you 10 reasons why he thinks PC is better than consoles.

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Darknet Cashes in on a Billion of Yahoo Users
Yahoo Sale and Your Data in Danger

Steve Smith talks about Yahoo's database breach, bad data security policies, and the sale to 3 or more groups on the Dark Web.

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