10 Reasons PC is Better than Console

Why PC is Better Than Game Consoles

Steve Smith gives you 10 reasons why he thinks PC is better than consoles.

Episode #7-17 released on December 24, 2016

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Consoles all look the same, but a computer, can be customize to your hearts own content. You can use any case you want. You can add lights, fans, custom accessories, etc. You can pimp your computer tower, almost as much as your car.

Consoles are limited to a very specific controller, sometimes a few options. A computer has more options, starting with the keyboard and mouse, game controllers, gamepads, joysticks, wheels, etc.

Consoles are traditionally limited to 30 frames per second. Computers can experience as many frames per second as the software, game, and computer can handle.

Consoles and computers can get dust, and dirty. Opening a console will void its warranty. While, laptops are mostly the same deal, computers can be cleaned without voiding the warranty. If something in a computer is compromised by dirt or dust, it is, also, possible to replace the part itself. Usually costing less than replacing a console.

Screen Resolution for a console is usually fixed to choices within the normal television standards, with 16 by 9, being the norm, these days. Usually bound to either 720P or 1080P resolutions, on top of all else. Computers, however, are far more flexible, and games on the PC has, also, been made flexible as an extent. For this reason, screen sizes, dimensions, and resolutions are just as customizable as the PC itself. You choose the monitor for computer, instead of being stuck having to use your television.

Audio, consoles have very few options, short of using HDMI, optical, or analog outputs, if they are still present in your model of console. For a computer, if it isn't present, you can use a card to upgrade your computer to have that option, or use a USB dongle. Furthermore, on a PC, you can even stream wirelessly over Bluetooth, WIFI, etc. to a portable speaker with compatible technology. With computers, the sky is the limit.

Number of screens a console can push an image to, is exactly one. The number of screens a computer can push to, depends on the hardware and use case scenario. If you have the cards, and all the requirements, you can push an image to 2, 3, or more screens at once. For more custom resolutions, there is even hardware to generate fake monitors for your computer to allow for even more screens to be connected.

Consoles are limited to one game store, computers have a lot more choice, and you can price bargain by going to the right places online. On PC, you can buy games from Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle, EA's Origin, Ubisoft, Microsoft Store, Blizzard, etc. Plus, all those other indie companies, too, often allow direct download without DRM, too.

Multitasking, we can multitask with a computer, especially with access to more screens than a console.

We can use PCs for more than just playing video games, watching Netflix, etc. In fact, we can do that all at the same time.

And, that was 10 things PCs are better at than consoles.

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