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TQA Weekly Show Notes for Season 7

What is a Back Door?
Deceptive use of Technology to Spy on You

Steve Smith talks about the invisible door Governments and Police want to spy on you, and usually without a warrant; and why it can never be completely safe from misuse.

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America's War on Privacy
Firefox Patch and Rule 41

Steve Smith talks about Firefox, the vulnerability that could be exploited to expose Tor Users, Rule 41 and its guilty by use policy, and how it all affects your privacy online.

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They're Listening Through Your Headphones
Why Headphones can pick sound like Microphones

Steve Smith explains why malware can use your headphones to listen to what you are saying.

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Setting Up a Green Screen with OBS Studio
How-to Setup OBS Studio for Green Screens

Steve Smith demonstrates how-to setup OBS Studio with a green screen.

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Can I Play This Video Game?
What it Truly Takes to Play Video Games on PC

Steve Smith answers the most commonly asked question on his Facebook Page, can your computer play that specific video game?

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